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Kexi 0.1 Beta 5 Update 1 Released


This is update for 0.1 Beta 5. It contains following fixes (previously noted here):

  • Fixed some possible compile errors: bug #92563
  • A bug in SQLite config.h file that raises software exception (which looks like a crash) on Pentium 4 processors


  • KexiDB:
    • renaming table fully works without removing existing data (also for file-based projects)
    • plugins handling fixed for PostgreSQL: bug #89381
  • Project Navigator:
    • "Open in Text View" action added to the
    • added override for Delete key (items removing)
  • Query Designer
    • SQL Editor is now able to open also invalid SQL statements, so user can now open (and probably fix) statements -- usable when you rename a table that is used in a query.
    • fixed combo boxes behaviour
    • fixed entering column names by hand
    • added simple support for entering single criterias, including Date/Time values
  • fixes and improvements in the Form Designer
    • Move multiple widgets using Ctrl+drag'n'drop
    • Pasting more than widget using context menu now moves them to the right place (keeps relative positions, and move top left to pos indicated by menu)
    • Fixed possible crash when pasting widgets


Please download the update only if you have used original beta 5 tarball, i.e. downloaded before november 7. For convenience, as an exception, the tarball file name is  the same as Beta 5. You will need to do full Kexi configure and compile steps again, no patches are available.

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